Furniture consignment is fun! Tulsa’s  Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment sells furniture, lamps, rugs, art, chandeliers, accessories, florals, and items of home decor. We sell everything from modern to antique and everything in between. Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment will get the best possible price for your furniture consignment items in our beautiful, inspirational store filled with professionally created venues and a great staff. So, before we get started, we need to make sure that your furniture consignments will fit in our Tulsa store and that it is highly saleable.


It is easiest to first show Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment a picture of your items. Use you camera or even your phone. Then bring the pictures by or email them to us at (or see our Contact information):

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

and let us take a look and ask a few questions. We accept items in many styles, from contemporary to antique and everything in between.

We welcome items that are high quality and in good to excellent condition, odor free, clean, with no damage, bad scratches, or unprofessional repairs. No cracks or chips. All upholstery must be clean and in very good condition. Inspect your items objectively for spots, fading, pet hair, missing hardware, sticking drawers, or loose joints. Mustard Seed charges for any necessary cleaning and repairing. Call with questions: 742-9600.


Due to liability issues, we don’t pick up furniture. Call us (742-9600) for names of Tulsa people who do pickups and delivery at a very reasonable price. Generally, it is not worth risking your back and using your valuable time trying to do this on your own. Just call Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment and we’ll talk it over. If you do decide to bring your items in, we can usually provide some help with unloading smaller pieces of furniture. If you are bringing an armoire, dining room set, or other heavy pieces, please bring enough manpower to bring the pieces into the Tulsa store.


Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment has a great deal of experience in setting the appropriate price on consignment items, but we are always interested in consignor input and information. Price is based on condition, age, desirability, brand, rarity, and Tulsa demand. Remember that sentimentality, and even the original price, do not dictate the true value of the piece today. Our staff works together to reach the right price. After each 30-day period, the item is subject to a 15% markdown. We may take reasonable markdowns at other times if it gets the item sold at a good price for the consignor.


Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment sells your items and you receive 50% of the proceeds. Proceeds are immediately available to the consignor. We keep items for 90 days. If an item doesn’t sell within 90 days, we look the situation over and decide if we should return it to the consignor or continue to market it in the store.

NOTE: The crucial question for the consignor IS NOT “How much is your fee?” Instead, it is “Where will I get the most money?”

EXAMPLE: If the selling price is $100 and you pay a 30% fee, you net $70. If Mustard Seed can sell it for $250, you will net $125.

Mustard Seed Furniture Consignment DOES NOT DONATE or forfeit items without consulting our consignors, except on small items.

We have two goals: First, to build good relationships with ourTulsa clientele and protect our valuable reputation. Second, to achieve a quick merchandise turnround which allows us to constantly fill our store with new items. This keeps interest high and brings our customers in for frequent visits. Most of our business is referral or repeat. We invite you to ask around Tulsa about our good reputation and many satisfied consignors.

Our Reputation is Our Most Valuable Asset

MUSTARD SEED FURNITURE CONSIGNMENT offers you a worry-free, professional way to sell your furnishings. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in meeting your goals.



  • Consistent, outstanding customer service.
  • Expertise in pricing and selling furniture and decor.
  • Mustard Seed actually puts more money in the Consignor’s hand.
  • You receive half of the selling price, AVAILABLE TO YOU IMMEDIATELY.